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Goal #3: Read 24 Books in 2016

I have a belief about myself that is no longer true. I used to read a lot. Most of my reading was in order to accomplish something. That something was usually to complete a paper or to make progress on the way to a degree. The other books I can chalk up to things I have needed to read to get work projects completed. Reading for pleasure kind of died for me somewhere between my B.A. and my Ph.D. I have the numbers to prove it.

In 2015 I read only 8 books. Most of those came at the end of the year as well. The year before it was 4. In 2013 it was only 3. I simply don’t read books anymore. I can’t call it a hobby or a past-time because other than articles, emails, and social media, all those books on my shelves are a part of my history, but not my current experience. I am not really much of a reader. And that bothers me.

In one of the books sitting on those shelves that I have yet to read, Stephen King in On Writing says that if you want to write, you need to read. If you do not have time to read, then you won’t find time to write.

When I set out to write again by posting something every day it was in order to lean in to the fears and discomfort I have about my own ability to write. If there is one measurable quantity that I can change in order to influence that problem, it is to be a reader again.

Based on the low number of books I have been trending over the past few years, I have set the goal at 24 books for 2016. Two books a month. To some, that is nothing. To me right now, that is a far higher number than it looks. As with everything else it means creating space, creating time, and changing habits.

It’s not the goal that is the most exciting for me. It is the changes I get to make in my own life patterns to make the goal happen. And I will be a far more interesting person because of it. I might not speak French in Russian or live vicariously through myself, but I will have more in my brain that is worth sharing. That’s something to look forward to.

Now to finish Ready Player One. I can’t believe I stopped it mid-way. Neither can my girlfriend who is bugging me to finish it. Wade is a character I just want to reach through the pages to tell him everything will be OK. But I can’t do that if I don’t open the book first.

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3 thoughts on “Read More

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  2. I read 10 books last year. I made it a point on Fridays (in the summer) to go to Pattee and check out a few books. I am amazed how few I ended up reading. I’ll be watching your 24! You can do it!

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