Run 1000 Miles

logo-mainGoal #2: Run 1000 Miles in 2016

You have to have more than one goal in the same activity to keep you going. Finishing a race is a one off sort of deal. Once you complete the race your training seems to come full stop. That’s partially by design. I learned this after my first half-marathon. The first two weeks, and especially the first two days after, I felt like I had concrete in my legs and thorns in my knees.

The other part of the stop is that there isn’t an immediate goal. It is a major letdown and I was getting a little depressed at the emotional dropoff. That’s why I set the goal of running a marathon in May. Instant recharge.

But there will not always be another race to run. So I needed another goal that would sit in the background in between events or whatever else I want to challenge myself to complete. So I set this goal of running 1000 miles in 2016. But like I said yesterday, a big goal like this is something you have to break down into smaller, more manageable parts to achieve. So to meet this goal I have to run about 19.2 miles per week. That’s like 4 5 mile runs a week. If I am planning on training for a marathon (or two) I should be able to meet that goal with no problem. But if I get injured, and I likely will, it gives me something to work harder for – especially if by next December I am behind the target.

Right now I am already a little behind. The holidays have a way of messing up life rhythms and patterns. See? I already have something to work for this week. That’s how motivation works. Big changes happen in smaller pieces every day and every week of our lives.

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