The 365 Post Project

In 2015 I decided to make a few major changes in my life. I was feeling stagnant, unhealthy, unmotivated, and pretty low. Over about a 4 month period I started counting calories, changing my thinking patterns with physical action, and started running. I also weaned myself off of any medications I was on. It has been hard work, but the experiment has worked.

I lost 25 pounds, completed a half marathon, and rebooted how I view myself and the world I experience. After years of asking deep questions about who I am and my purpose in the world only to end up lost, depressed, and confused like John Locke on Lost, I stopped asking the questions and started living in the answers. Everything became simpler. It has been very hard work, but I found a solid set of solutions to the problems I once believed were insurmountable.

One of the truths I experienced is that by leaning into the things that make me uncomfortable, the problems in my life decrease. This is a sort of “eat your vegetables” first philosophy. When I don’t want to do a few things on my list at work or at home, that is exactly the time I when need to do them. When I don’t feel like running or writing those emails, that’s exactly when I do it.

One of the goals I have for this year is to write again. I once aspired to writing, but stopped because of thoughts that I wasn’t good at it or that no one was remotely interested in the things I find interesting enough to write about. That’s a cowardly, self-fulfilling prophecy. What I have heard successful writers say repeatedly is that the only people who are not going to be writers are those who don’t write. This means that you need to write even if, and perhaps especially if, you don’t feel like it. Moreover, write even if you think you are the only one who will read it. My problem isn’t really competence, it’s discipline.

So this year I am leaning into my fears surrounding writing through discipline. The discipline is to write every day, regardless of how I feel or what I think is interesting or not. It’s another experiment. So over this year I will see what I come up with. I expect it will be about the life hacks and solutions I am working on to be happy and healthy – including all of the things I have done that have worked and how things are still working.

Maybe if you are one of the 5 people who read, you will find something to help along your path. The next few posts are going to focus on each of the goals I have set for myself this year. The first is running my first marathon and the charity I am supporting to make that happen.

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