I Don’t Know God

Let us accept that we do not know the whole mystery of God and we do not know about His infinite love. – Bishop Anastasios of Albania

I know plenty about theology. I spent many years learning about and teaching religion. But I am no theologian.

The early church recognizes theologians not merely head knowledge, but by heart knowledge. When they use the term intellect they are not referring to an abstract academic exercise. The intellect is that part of a person encompassing the heart, the mind, and the soul. It is the part of us that yearns to be in communion with God. It is this that God calls to be a part of Himself.

Developing the intellect takes time and strenuous effort. It takes a disavowal of how the world is. Faith in the effort to practice love, compassion, and striving for virtue is not in vain. All of these serve the goal of experiencing the world as it should be – united to and in full communion with God. This union is the true knowledge of God.

Theologians are who they are because they have come closer to this knowledge than the great majority of the human race. They are saints that we may follow their examples lest we latch on to the hottest academic trends.

I now accept that I am a profound distance from these saints which is only dwarfed by my distance to God.

I am not a theologian. But with help and effort I have a good chance to be close to one in this life.

We are all given this chance by the very nature we share in whose Image we were born.

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