Where a Facelift Goes on Holiday


Do you remember that horrid little show “The Swan?” It usually featured a woman seen as “the ugly duckling” whom doctors and nutritionists would work on for a month or so. At the end, there was a big reveal. Tears would be shed accompanied by gasps of surprise. The husband would be happy with the gift of his “new” wife, appear to get horny, and off to the sunset they would ride.

The women would come out of their procedures looking almost exactly the same. Chips off the ol’ nose, collagen balloon lips, DaVinci vaneers for those buck teeth, and a whole new ass.

Now, life imitating cheap “reality” programming gives us a surgeon with a special hotel/spa package for his patients. Good business idea. Get your surgery, enter through the back door of the posh holiday spot, and don’t exit until you are all healed up! Magic.

Our society’s idea of beauty is out of control. The images we see of celebrities looking “hot” are because they have trainers, handlers, agents, dieticians, plastic surgeons, professional photographers, photoshop, and yes, natural beauty. But the God-given part looks little like the “real” thing.

Vanessa Williams is still gorgeous. But what we see in magazines and on the red carpet is not exactly reality. Here she is with and without the magic of makeup artistry.



Red Carpet at events are new side-shows just too expensive for most of is to attend. We wait for commentary and love the critics who bring celebrity down a few notches closer to our unsexy lives. We reject them as strange beings while they remain our fetish of sexual attraction. Smart eye cosmetics can take off years, ladies.

We see these bodies and faces in the grocery check-out line and build expectations we can have them. Or, we feel awful that we are unsexy because we can’t. We all will age. When we age in decent health, we will still look more like an actual 50 years old as Ms. Williams does, naturally, in the second photo.

Why not embrace the beauty of age and proudly enter through life’s front door?

Posh NYC Hotel Offers Plastic Surgery Recovery Package

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