Philly Debt and Safety

An aside to the previous post on unsafe school environments and online education.

Philly is in a $50 million budget shortfall and has taken to political pan-handling to make up that budget with soft threats to start the academic year late. Why? Let’s hear it from the superintendent.

“I want to be clear about why the $50 million matters now: $50 million allows us to tell parents that when their child is walking through the hallways, eating lunch or at recess, an adult will be supervising them. It allows us to tell parents that counselors will be available to serve children in our largest and neediest schools, and that an assistant principal will be on hand to resolve any disciplinary issues that keep children from learning. … No principal can run a 3,000-student high school—much less a 400-student elementary school—on their own. They need support, and we have an obligation to provide them with the staff and resources they need. Parents also need reassurance that a school has what it needs to serve their child.”

Maybe we really aren’t talking about learning and curriculum anymore.

We are talking about the learning environment and the raw “stuff” of an education system.

Can $50 million more meet the superintendent’s goals this year much less long-term?


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